greece collapse

Greece on Brink of Default

May 25, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher I was going to write something to do with Memorial Day, but decided against it. As they say, don’t look back unless that is where you are heading. And there is so much in front of us, I can’t be bothered to turn my head for a second only to anger myself over the lives lost to countless government lies. Ron Paul has been warning the United States for years about the dangers of our reckless fiscal and monetary policies. We can’t afford to keep spending more than we bring in, and scare off produ … [Read More...]


Britain Seceding from EU?

May 18th, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher Confession: my eyes light up like a Christmas tree at the mere mention of secession. When Texas talks about it, despite its myriad misgivings in its way of governance, I get excited. When secessionists talk about breaking California up into as many as 6 different states, I get giddy. I was absolutely pulling for Scotland during their recent referendum! I want to high-five Iceland for backing out of their bid to join the EU. Ok that wasn’t really secession since they never joined… but rather an … [Read More...]

one simple trick

One Simple Trick for Asset Protection and Estate Planning

May 13, 2015 by Bobby Casey In my teens through my early 30's I used to race motorcycles. Even before that and up until this day I continue to ride motorcycles. However, when I raced I was always my own mechanic. I remember one day working on a motorcycle that wouldn't start. I was dumbfounded. I pulled the spark plug out and touched it to a ground while turning it over to see if there was a spark. I removed the carburetor, cleaned it out, and reinstalled it....twice. I pulled the fuel lines and valves to force compressed air … [Read More...]

USD Imaginary Value

US Dollar is Going From Worthless to Imaginary

May 11, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher Imagine if I offered to sell you something. You decided you needed that good or service, so you agree to purchase it. (So far, so good!) Now it comes down to price. I say a price, but you offer to pay me in pixie dust or genie wishes. Absurd? Obviously. If anyone came to you and offered to pay you in pixie dust or genie wishes, you’d think they were kidding. Let’s say they were serious! The next logical step in that conversation is: Okay, show me the pixie dust or genie wishes. Or at the very le … [Read More...]

Is My IRA at Risk

Is My 401k or IRA at Risk?

by Bobby Casey In short, yes. Your 401k and/or your IRA is at great risk. If you have significant savings in your private retirement accounts, there is a very real risk of hugely diminished returns or even confiscation. Who here reading this article believes the government is the best allocator of capital? ….crickets None of you. The US government is notoriously inefficient at allocating your capital. Take a look at its scorecard. The US dollar has seen a decline of 97% in purchasing power over the last 100 years. The Obama a … [Read More...]

Become an Offshore Real Estate Mogul....and Live for FREE

Become an Offshore Real Estate Mogul….and Live for FREE

April 6, 2015 by Bobby Casey A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a client of mine, Frank, about his travels. Frank is a good friend and a hugely successful entrepreneur. He runs a company with an 8 figure net profit margin, but remains very down to earth. Frank was recently in the US Virgin Islands doing a bit of business as well as some leisure travel and had an invitation to join a small group on Necker Island for a little get together. If you don't know, Necker Island is Richard Branson's private island that is also … [Read More...]


Don’t Get Sick of Obamacare!

May 4, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher Has Obamacare become a worn out subject to you yet? I mean, has it just played out from every angle, and at this point it’s so far gone, you’ve thrown your hands in the air and accepted the fact that it’s here to stay? Nothing you can do. Sorry if I’m projecting my own sentiments on the readers of this article, but on the one hand that’s exactly where I’m at. But on the other, I have something nagging at me saying, “That’s exactly what the politicians were hoping would happen: let the story fizzl … [Read More...]

subprime lending

This Time It’ll Be Different!

April 27, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher Some people say that America was the great experiment, founded on liberty and freedom. I think America has proven to be on some horrible Groundhog’s Day loop founded on the tragic, famous last words, “This time it’ll be different”. This phrase resurfaces every single election cycle. It resurfaces every time an old idea is recycled and rebranded either from a previously failed policy or a currently failing policy in some other country. Wars being used as economic “stimulus” and the moral war … [Read More...]


World’s Largest Tax Haven

April 24, 2015 by Bobby Casey There has been a lot of drama in the news over the past few months surrounding billionaires and multimillionaires who have stashed cash offshore to avert taxes or legal issues back home. The fourth branch of the American government, also known as “mainstream media” has been on a rampage attacking offshore centers like Cook Islands, Nevis, Belize, BVI and more – claiming these evil monsters, known as job creators, are hiding from the government and not paying their fair share. The Obamessiah admin … [Read More...]

cash not accepted

Legal Tender Isn’t So Legal

  April 20, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher A story from four years ago reveals its true relevance when pieced together with the rest of  the puzzle: the government on every level wants full control over your transactions, because it wants full control over your assets and how you move them around. I’ve travelled quite a bit. I’m no “Rick Steves” and I certainly don’t claim to be some cultural guru, but there are certain indelible memories you can’t shake. I remember living in Japan and not being allowed to use credit cards, debit … [Read More...]

russian ruble rebound

Russian Ruble Rebound

April 13, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher The US has marginalized quite a few countries over the years through sanctions and embargoes… never mind the wars it starts, funds, or carries out on these foreign lands. And the US in many ways is an economic whale still. Allow me to provide an example of what I see the US doing. Foreign policy isn’t much different than individual policy, it’s just on a much larger scale with much larger implications. The guiding force, nonetheless, has human nature at the helm. So let’s say I’m a wealthy … [Read More...]


In Defense of Walmart

April 6, 2015 (April 10, 2015: Correction to financial claims about Walmart.  See below, after end of original article.) By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher I’m sure many of you are aware of the “fairness” economists. Everything is measures by perceived “fairness”. For example, people who defend the Labor Theory of Value where the worth of something is based on how much effort and time the producer had to put in to provide that good or service. Never mind supply and demand, if someone had to toil over it, it’s worth more. Well, the fairness … [Read More...]

digital nomad

Go Paperless as a Digital Nomad

April 3, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP I remember as a kid watching my dad pull out these huge green notepads with horizontal and vertical lines running the length of the paper. These pads were enormous – probably 3 feet by 2 feet rectangles.   He would open up this pad on his huge drafting table and write words along the top and the side. And in the small boxes created by the grid of lines, he would write in numbers. For a small boy of 6-7 years old, it appeared there were millions of these lines. If you are a business pe … [Read More...]

bank scrutiny

Greater Scrutiny of American Bank Transactions

March 30, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher It would appear we are commemorating Woodrow Wilson’s tattle policies by reinstituting them… with a British twist. What happens when Wilson-era policies (A) and British banking policies (B) give each other a “special hug”? Well, that’s an experiment I hoped would never come to pass given the unethical implications of such a practice… yet sadly, it has come to pass. Wilson created an entire department called the American Protective League for the sole purpose of intimidating and bullying dissen … [Read More...]

playing to win or not lose

Playing By The Rules

March 23, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher I cannot be the only person in the United States who has asked themselves – with regards to many government activities – “Is this really legal?!” Not that legality has anything to do with morality or what’s right and wrong, but it does have something to do with what’s allowable by the state. While I have asked that question more than I care to and often rhetorically, I’m beginning to wonder if the answer to it is really and quite simply: “NO!” Two of the biggest government rackets in Americ … [Read More...]