Chinese Capital Controls A Warning for US

November 23, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP With the bombings and their aftermath in France, it’s difficult to find other headlines. Perhaps some people find it insensitive to seek other news in the wake of such a tragedy? I don’t know. For me, I try to find those other stories because events are still unfolding around the world that have the potential to affect me and everyone else profoundly. There’s an old movie (although it pains me to call a movie from 1992 “old”) called “Sneakers”. All-star cast and well worth the wat … [Read More...]

Crisis & Aftermath

November 16, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP The 5th largest economy in the world and 2nd largest economy in Europe, how France handles the recent events will be critical to EU health. It’s true, life doesn’t come with a “user manual”. We are all pretty much winging it. Some of us may have received some sage advice earlier on or learned from personal mistakes, but by and large life is trial and error for everyone. But while there is no user manual, there is a very profound poem by Rudyard Kipling called “If” that comes damn clos … [Read More...]

US Debt Ceiling: A Blank Check for Congress

November 9, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Imagine US spending represented as archery. The budget is the target, and coming in under budget is the bulls-eye. The safest place on that field would be the target. Have you ever had someone in your family or your circle of friends who always had some ridiculous gimmick? They are really enthusiastic about it, they pitch it hard, but even after you’ve heard them out, the idea just doesn’t sound right? All they need is some seed money to get it started! “Hey, I almost have everything I … [Read More...]

Cashless & Debased

November 2, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP We’ve touched on the issue of negative interest rates a few times on this site: “The People’s QE” and “The USD is Going from Worthless to Imaginary”. It is going from a scary prospect to a dismal reality. It basically amounts to a monetary ultimatum: either pay a fine or buy something, but there is no storing money. The first and most natural response to such a proposition is to withdraw your cash and get it out of that banking system. What if there was no cash? What if there was n … [Read More...]

Out With the Old AND With the New

October 26, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Through most of school, many of us were taught American history portrayed through a slightly over-romanticized lens. Born out of the bloody battle fields of the New World, was the Great Experiment: a noble new country won on the backs of the common man under the honorable leadership of General George Washington. They defeated the horrible English tyrant, King George III, and his oppressive tax regime. Sound familiar? To this day you’ll still hear many conservatives regurgitate t … [Read More...]

What’s a Money Market Mutual Fund and Why Get One?

October 22, 2015 By: Gordon Haave, Managing Director Agora Trust He thought it was the perfect crime. In fact, he didn’t think there would even be any victims. Curtis De Young, the founder and CEO of American Pension Services in Riverton, Utah thought he could use a staggering $24 million of customer cash to make himself a fortune. His plan: To get rich by investing the cash into high-risk investments into companies owned by his friends. If everything worked out, he would have walked away with the gains from the investments, and pay … [Read More...]

A State of Control

October 19, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There are quite a few articles on our site that discuss the burdens placed on individuals, businesses, and full industries by the government. Back when we discussed Edward Snowden’s revelations and the various US spy programs, it became all too clear that these programs were not a matter of safety or national security, but rather a matter of control. Collecting the metadata of individuals who are not suspected criminals or terrorists at all? What was that about? Is it some p … [Read More...]

Government: Over Promises, Under Delivers

October 12, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Ever hear, “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to violate it,” or some derivative of that? While societal laws are often an arbitrary moving target, the laws of economics are about as clear as the laws of physics. They can only be bent for so long before they snap back and right themselves. If quantitative easing has taught us nothing at all, it’s what happens when the government interferes in manipulation of value. The same is obviously true for the minimum wage. It sets expec … [Read More...]

The “People’s QE”

October 5, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher While everyone is squawking over gun control, monetary policies are coming to a head… on a global scale. Indeed while the global markets lost $10 Trillion in value over the last three months, we have basic idiots eagerly welcoming all things Pumpkin Spice back to the store shelves and crying over gun control. Gun control is such an obvious distraction, I’m surprised people still bite the line when baited. Alas, there will always be the liberal who goes guano over guns and the conservative who … [Read More...]

Will Your Savings Survive the Next Banking Crisis?

September 30, 2016 By: Gordon Haave, Managing Director Agora Trust Ltd. It was the financial crime of the decade. A connected politician stole hundreds of millions of dollars to cover his own trading losses, and, as expected, he was never charged with a crime. This was the story of Jon Corzine and MF Global. In its carnage, the MF Global debacle teaches us how to protect our assets during the next financial crises, and make no mistake, there will be one. MF Global, (formerly known as Man Financial) was a major derivatives, foreign … [Read More...]

Passport Controls

September 28, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher I find myself often engaging in conversations having to do with moving and relocating. I’ve done it my whole life. My family was moving on average every two years my entire childhood, not because my dad was military or anything. He was just restless, I suppose. My sisters went on to plant some roots, but I carried on the tradition of moving every so often. I’ve lived Oregon, Michigan, Texas, and New Hampshire, and all over California. I also spent a little time out in Japan and Aus … [Read More...]

In Defense of An @sshole

September 26, 2015 By: Gordon Haave, (I understand that Shkreli has announced that he will reduce the price but has not said what the new price will be. This matters not. This analysis stands whether the price is $100 or $750 per pill.) The vilification of Martin Shkreli, who the Internet has dubbed “The World’s Biggest Asshole”, raises a number of interesting issues. Questions: What is the proper price for the drug Daraprim? Why was it selling for far less very recently? Is Shkreli, in fact, an asshole? Who is more moral, … [Read More...]

War is the Health of the State

September 23, 2015 By: Claudio Grass In an essay titled “The State”, Randolph Bourne, an American writer, made a distinction between a country and a state that I find crucial. He described one’s country as “an inescapable group into which we are born”. In his view, a country is “a concept of peace, tolerance, of living and letting live. But the State is essentially a concept of power, of competition; it signifies a group in its aggressive aspects. And we have the misfortune of being born not only into a country but into a State, and as we … [Read More...]

Outdated Notions Will Lead to Collapse

September 22, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher Tides are shifting, priorities are reconfiguring, values are changing, and the elites in power are woefully behind the times. Bobby published an article a while back “Go Paperless as a Digital Nomad” discussing how the landscape has changed since the days of his father. Suits, ties, cubicles, and paper ledgers are going the way of the dinosaur. Now in many cases there are digital means of accomplishing the same tasks digitally from a laptop anywhere in the world! People’s priorities are … [Read More...]

Top Heavy Economy

September 14, 2015 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher A shocking statistic crossed my feed the other day: Government employees outnumber manufacturing employees by nearly 2 to 1. The first question might naturally be: Has manufacturing EVER outnumbered government employees? And the answer would be, yes. Up to 1989, in fact, manufacturing employment was higher than that of government. We actually have LESS people employed in manufacturing today than we did in the year leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.   “There w … [Read More...]