Government Intrusion & The Erosion of Economic Freedom

February 8, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP In a not-too-surprising turn of events, the United States has slipped out of the top 10 most economically free nations. I say "not surprising" because it’s been a downward trend for the past seven years for the US. The “Obama recovery” is a hoax. Without economic freedom, there is no economic recovery, of that we can be certain. You may or may not be familiar with Heritage Foundation’s annual evaluation of 186 countries around the world, and their Economic Freedom Index. This index … [Read More...]

America’s Vulnerability

February 1, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP If the US continues the same failed fiscal and monetary practices of other socialist "paradises", it will soon face the same fate. The average person isn’t a tycoon. The average person wants to work their job, put a little away, raise a family, throw back a few beers during a long weekend barbecue, and retire at a reasonable age. Let’s be honest, federal and local legislation isn’t a simple one-sheet addressing a common issue. These laws are thousands of pages long and they cover a vas … [Read More...]

Using Emergencies to Control the People

January 25, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP So in the midst of global-warming we have this winter blizzard of biblical proportions that hit the east coast of the United States. No point trying to makes sense of political platitudes in the face of reality, but it is interesting to see the actions of the state in the face of natural disaster. People who live in regions where snow storms are a regular thing every winter tend to know how to handle getting through them. People who were brought up in it have that wisdom passed … [Read More...]

Pre-Crime, Asset Forfeiture, & Protection

January 18, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP One of the character traits of human beings that has kept the species alive is skepticism: questioning the merits or safety of a given thing. Man sees a quiet field… but it’s TOO quiet and questions whether a predator is lying in wait. Obviously being too cynical leaves little room for any human connection. Sure you’re “safe”, but you’re also totally alone. So we find that balance. Where things get a little dicey is in industries where people stand to profit over fixing the problem … [Read More...]

Britain Paving the Way for Expropriation

January 11, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There is plenty of fear mongering to go around, circulating through regular media channels and coming from the podiums of ambitious politicians. When you think about the amount of theater that goes into creating a culture of fear, it’s no wonder people become desensitized. Either everything is to be feared, and we all must run and hide behind government’s leg, or nothing is to be feared because it’s all just a charade. If only it were that simple! Regardless of the academy award wi … [Read More...]

Global Gold Interviews Vít Jedlička, President Of Liberland

January 8, 2016 By: Claudio Grass, Global Gold Claudio Grass, Global Gold: Vit, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you. Let’s dive right in and start with the topic that made headlines this year: Liberland. Can you tell us when you first envisioned the idea of creating Liberland? Could you explain to us the ideas and events that led you to take this step and how this project came to life? Vít Jedlička: Most people that come to this world wonder how they can make it a better place. I was no exception. When I started und … [Read More...]

A “Shift” in Asset Forfeiture

January 4, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director We can’t say whether this is a net positive or negative in the world of Asset Forfeiture, but there has been a meaningful shift in this “industry”. There seems to be a little strife amongst the thieves as to who can lay claim to the stolen booty. Get out your popcorn because you ultimately pay for this little performance. Admittedly, I misunderstood the headline to mean that the DOJ is putting a moratorium on civil forfeiture. Bwahahahahahahaha… yeah right!  Needless to say at second … [Read More...]

2016: What to Watch Out For

December 28, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, GWP Managing Director Looking back at nearly 100 articles in 2015, we’ve done our level best to keep you guys informed. There are a good number of glitzy distractions, and it can be difficult to stay focused much less find the real news that matters. But when I look back over 2015, I see a horrible trend. I see MORE government, not less. And where there is more government, there is more strife, more regulations, more spending, more violence, more taxes, and more struggles for the common man. So w … [Read More...]

6 Signs 2016 Will Be Much Worse Than 2015

December 23, 2015 By: Claudio Grass, Over the course of 2015 we witnessed several events that had, and will have, negative repercussions on our individual freedom. Orwellian totalitarianism is increasingly creeping into our everyday lives. How much more intrusive will the violations of our liberties get and for how long will the establishment get away with it? These are questions that remain unanswered. With regards to the financial system, no real solution was found to issues such as those in the Eurozone. Furthermore, … [Read More...]

CISPA is Back & Here to Stay

December 21, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Did we call it or what?! Not like those horoscope readings in the paper that are deliberately vague so the reader can project whatever implications they wish onto them. I’m talking almost down to the word prophetic: “The fact that CISPA was tabled in the Senate, doesn’t mean it’s dead on arrival. Chances are, it’s just dormant, much like the last time we thought it was ‘shot down’. “Regardless of whether CISPA passes, unfortunately, the government agencies who want to pry deepe … [Read More...]

Switzerland Asserts National Identity in Right-Wing Election Victory

December 18, 2015 By: Claudio Grass, Global Gold Inc. Concerns over Immigration Motivated Voters - Relations with the EU may come under Severe Strain On October 18th, the Swiss went to the polls to cast their votes in the country’s parliamentary elections. The right-wing triumphed as the Swiss Peoples’ Party or SVP won 29.4% of the vote. The papers described it as “the best performance by a party in at least a century”. The Free Democratic Party (FDP) also gained, winning 16.4% of the vote. In terms of the number of seats, the Swiss Rig … [Read More...]

Smoke & Mirrors: Making Freedom and Wealth Disappear

December 14, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Back in March of this year, we published a piece called “Modern Indentured Servitude” which addressed a suspicious highway bill containing a clause about passport restrictions and IRS liens. HR22: Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or The F.A.S.T. Act, just passed earlier this month. This is an infrastructure bill that has a provision for delinquent taxpayers which allows the IRS to impose restrictions on their international travel via the State Department. As discus … [Read More...]

China Officially Added to IMF Basket

December 7, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP A new chapter to the global economy story has officially started, with the IMF declaring China’s renminbi a reserve currency: “On Oct. 1, 2016, the yuan will officially be added to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies, which previously included only the dollar, euro, yen, and pound sterling.” (Source: Washington Post) “The IMF staff recommendation was based on increasing international use and trading of the yuan, policy reforms that allow the yuan to be us … [Read More...]

Actions Speak Louder than Polls

November 30, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There’s always a poll to support one opinion or another. If you look at MSNBC polls versus Fox News polls, it becomes apparent what their respective viewership composition is, so I take those with a grain of salt. There’s nothing much to glean from liberals want liberal things while conservatives want conservative things. Where things get interesting is when we start observing people’s actual behaviors. It’s one thing to share your opinion based on cleverly formulated questions, i … [Read More...]

Chinese Capital Controls A Warning for US

November 23, 2015 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP With the bombings and their aftermath in France, it’s difficult to find other headlines. Perhaps some people find it insensitive to seek other news in the wake of such a tragedy? I don’t know. For me, I try to find those other stories because events are still unfolding around the world that have the potential to affect me and everyone else profoundly. There’s an old movie (although it pains me to call a movie from 1992 “old”) called “Sneakers”. All-star cast and well worth the wat … [Read More...]