Death Taxes & Trusts

May 2, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Well, 2016 has not been kind to the music industry thus far. David Bowie, Merle Haggard, and now Prince. That’s tough! There isn’t much on Haggard’s estate one way or another, but Bowie looked to have had very specific instructions in his will, and put trusts to use for his daughter Alexandria. Meanwhile, Prince didn’t even have a will! You don’t need to be a financial wizard to understand the sense behind having a basic will. Even having a will has its complications with probate, bu … [Read More...]

The Savvy Landlord Book Interview w/ Bobby Casey

April 28, 2016 Originally released at The Savvy Landlord Book on April 26, 2016. Bobby discusses asset protection, but more specifically REAL ESTATE protection with Steven VanCauwenbergh.  If you've ever fallen prey to frivolous litigation, or you own property you are going to want to take a close listen to what Bobby has to say in this podcast. We live in a very litigious culture.  Learn the keys protecting your property.   … [Read More...]

China Moves Up While US Slips

April 25, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP If you’ve been following us just in the past two years, you know we’ve been pointing out patterns of global behavior not only BY the United States, but TOWARD the United States. Patterns being the key word here. America’s war mongering politicians have even pointed out that other countries don’t like the US all that much. They are right, of course, but they use that as an excuse for military expansion when that’s not how other countries seek to retaliate or strike. Practically spe … [Read More...]

More of the Same

April 18, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Over the course of just these past couple years, we’ve been pointing out events which indicate an escalating desperation in government. They are grasping at control and money, and clutching so tightly, that full economies are slipping through their fingers. Can the United States afford more of the same? She already lost a good number of pharmaceutical companies to offshore inversions. Oreo left and people were angry. Now Ford is moving its engine and transmission plants to Mexico. Th … [Read More...]

Economic Hope in South America!

April 11, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Economic collapse is not pretty. It is, in fact, devastating. I once wished with all my heart that the US would find a way to turn herself around and get off her destructive course. Now I see the inevitability of collapse and spend most of my time trying to warn and rescue people before the sinkhole comes for them. I’m not stopping this event from happening. America is dying a very slow and painful death. Her lungs will fill with water and give the feeling of drowning, and just as w … [Read More...]

How ‘Bout Them Panama Papers?

April 7, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP In recent domestic news, someone from New Jersey moved to Florida.  This wouldn't be news except that it happened to be New Jersey's wealthiest billionaire: Hedge Fund Manager, David Tepper.  His net worth is estimated to be around $11.4 Billion. 40% of New Jersey's revenue comes from personal income tax collections.  One third of those collections comes from less than 1% of the taxpayers in New Jersey. "The state's office of policy and management said last week that the budget de … [Read More...]

Not Just Rich, Large Corporations…

April 4, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There are a lot of people who resent the rich out there. The excitement behind Bernie Sanders has reached a fever pitch. Hate the rich for not paying their fair share! When you ask what these class warriors mean by that, they site things like tax avoidance and going offshore. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it until everyone gets the message: don’t resent the rich, EMULATE them. Here is a wonderful example: There was this young girl who is married with a house. She went on Tu … [Read More...]

Asset Protection Products

Global Wealth Protection takes care of your asset protection needs with our professional and friendly Asset protection products and service. Our Asset protection planning is designed to increase the level of protection. GWP has different asset protection products including GWP Offshore, GWP Domestic, GWP insiders, Global escape hatch, GWP consulting. We have asset protection planning, services, strategies and products to protect your wealth. Our asset protection products are defined as follow:-   GWP OFFSHORE: Our GWP offshore product … [Read More...]

“Free Trade” & Protectionism

March 28, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP What makes the truth so irrefutable is that there is observable evidence to verify its existence. One need simply point out that X is true and then present the evidence, and the case is generally closed. Economics is one of those disciplines that are based on observation of cause and effect. Jack up the price of one thing, it has a ripple effect through the rest of the economy ultimately jacking up the prices of goods and services in general.  This is 100% observable over a relatively … [Read More...]

Economic Manipulation Taking Its Toll

March 21, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP In any rehabilitative situation, the changes needed are often extreme. But likewise, the conditions from which one is rehabilitating themselves are equally extreme. Whether someone is going from being a compulsive gambler, a substance addict, or even from being morbidly obese, the present conditions are obviously unsustainable or they wouldn’t be looking to fix them. Loss of family, friends, jobs, home, and/or health… at some point a bell gets rung. The solutions to extreme situat … [Read More...]

Man vs Establishment

March 17, 2016 Contribution By: Claudio Grass, Global Gold Swiss Resist EU Domination in the Name of Liberty and Self-Determination Last Wednesday, the Swiss National Council voted to withdraw the country’s dormant application to join the European Union (EU). A clear majority of Swiss voters are not interested in joining the EU. And no democratically sanctioned application was ever submitted. However, it has been “in the drawer” for some time. Recently, the motion to withdraw that unwelcome piece of paper was finally submitted by the Swi … [Read More...]

Retirement: The “Crisis du Jour”

March 14, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP There’s a marvelous book called “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by Max Weber. If you get a chance, it’s one of the few sociological reads that speak to the once great American brand of capitalism. It doesn’t have much to with religion per se, as it does with the puritanical culture that settled these lands. Fear of God aside, much like the religion of Shinto in Japan, certain behaviors were ingrained into society. The last vestiges of this ethic can be found in th … [Read More...]

Insolvency Issues: North American Edition

March 7, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Welcome to the North American Edition of… Insolvency Issues! First up, Canada! She sold off ALL her gold reserves! One economist, Ian Lee, thinks if the US can abandon the gold standard, so can Canada! It’s CAN-ada, after all… not CAN’T-ada. This just happened in the past month, and the claim is there are other “better assets” to pursue. What they are, or what makes them “better” has yet to be addressed by any Canadian officials. If they are truly following in the US footsteps, the … [Read More...]

The Cashless Agenda Part 2

February 29, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP As promised this is the second installment of The Cashless Agenda. We left you off in the previous article saying there was more than one ulterior motive for the government to go cashless. The first was to spy on you: to track your every move. The second is to push the Negative Interest Rate Policy. While Switzerland and Iceland are doing away with fractional reserve banking and printing unbacked money out of thin air, the rest of the West is running head long into it. There … [Read More...]

The Cashless Agenda Part 1

February 22, 2016 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP This is going to be a two-part series. It is a topic that deserves more than a thousand words, and likewise deserves the attention and consideration of everyone reading it. For a while now, we’ve been discussing two important things: 1. The war on cash, and 2. the rise of China as the potential reserve rival of the USD. Much like pox, it starts with one little bump here or a little red blemish there. The average person doesn’t recognize it right off the bat as being pox; rat … [Read More...]